About Edussori

Edussori is an online Montessori community where we can support, teach & enlighten each other, all while fostering Montessori’s global presence.

Edussori was created with the vision to help empower the global Montessori education movement.

Edussori is a free and easy to navigate outlet for finding Montessori resources & materials. Edussori is for anyone who is interested in, or currently uses the Montessori Method. We offer an open forum where all things Montessori can be discussed and archived, an internal messaging system to connect directly, and a marketplace where educators can share their original Montessori materials with the greater community.

Edussori strives to create a vibrant online community for anyone interested in Montessori education.

A place where Montessori materials are shared and found.

Edussori is meant to bring the accessibility of Montessori Materials to everyone. If you are a parent doing Montessori at home casually or consider yourself a Montessori Homeschooler or are a certified Montessori teacher or are just interested in the Montessori Approach, Edussori is for you. And within Edussori, all of you are considered educators. Just as in the classroom, we encourage cooperation and facilitate students learning from other students, the same is true for Edussori.