Cell Study for 9-12 Classroom

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    Hindi Iserhott

    I have some 9-12s that are currently fascinated by cells. We have some great microscope slides of human/animal and plant cells. I have some cool, squishy, take apart cell models with nomenclature booklets and some basic books about cells, geared for this level. However, they are still wanting more!! Any ideas?

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    My students were absolutely thrilled with being able to extract DNA from fruits, and even from their own cheek cells. It’s very easy. Lots of online tips on how to do it.

    You can also view an impressive number of different kinds of plant cells under the microscope if you make very fine shavings, such as from carrots, potatoes, etc. (and of course onion cells) Put a tiny bit of iodine on them and you can see cell structures such as the nucleus and starch granules.

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    Link cell parts to what happens when those parts are defective. Example: http://newtechcryonics.edublogs.org/parts-of-a-cell-and-what-would-happen-should-it-malfunction/

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