Connecting Parents to the Classroom

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    Hello all!

    What are some ways you have found to allow parents a way to effectively connect with what goes on in the classroom?

    Thank you,

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    Hello Brooklyn,

    This is an ever present challenge in the Montessori classroom. While we have to find ways to give parents multiple opportunities to feel connected to the classroom, we have to balance this with the needs of the students and how much time it will add to our job. I send a weekly email, nothing fancy, that I send to all the parents usually on the weekend. The weekly email includes important reminders, upcoming dates, what we did in the classroom that week and sometimes a little Montessori theory. I also have a WhatsApp group and my assistant is responsible for taking and posting pictures and announcements on there throughout the week.


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    I strongly suggest inviting parents, on a regular basis, to observe in the classroom. Since work does not come home to the extent that it does in a traditional classroom, I think that parents can easily feel that they do not know what their children are working on. By coming in for several observations a year, they will have a clearer picture of what their child is doing in the classroom.

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    We use the free version of Seesaw,, in our classroom. It is absolutely wonderful! The program isn’t time consuming at all. We work to have the children be part of this process, whether it is choosing the pictures or just hitting the send button, they really love it. We even have some grandparents on it and have heard many positive comments from our parent community about how the program helps them to feel more connected.

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