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    I am looking for ways to create the bead cabinet as a DIY project. Has anyone had experience with this. Please tell me what worked and what didn’t work.

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    This can be a really big project to take on. I actually started making the bead chains but haven’t completed it yet. I am using this site,, as a guide. These can be connected together to make the bead chains. When completed these look like the real deal but they require a lot of work to create. An easier way to make bead bars, doesn’t really work for bead chains, is to use beads and pipe cleaners, making sure to choose the colors that correspond to the different numbers.

    1 = red
    2 = green
    3 – pink
    4 = yellow
    5 = light blue
    6 = light purple
    7 = white
    8 = brown
    9 = dark blue
    10 = gold

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    My best friend recently coaxed me into helping him create a bead cabinet for his son. If you are looking for directions to make the actual cabinet, this is what we used:

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