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    We embrace the Montessori Method in our house and we encourage independence in our 28 month old son whenever possible and well sometimes this is a double edge sword. My child will get into the refrigerator many times each hour. He is really just doing what he sees us doing but he often just flings the door open and looks around for a bit. Sometimes he pulls things out and sometimes he asks for things, with the door open. Often we ask him to shut the door. How can I make this situation more child friendly so that there is a purpose to his activity?

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    I was over at my best friend’s house the other day and I witnessed their child getting something out of the refrigerator independently. They have reserved him half of the bottom as his space. Each morning they prepare (or refill) a few Tupperware containers with different foods such as grapes, lunch meat and cheeses. They also have a small non spill-able container that they fill with juice or water. It is such a sight to see him get into the fridge, get what he wants and then close the door. Of course, they had to work up to that sort of independence, but it is possible!

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    We had the same complications with both of our children. What was most successful for us was creating a routine for them with the fridge. In the morning, once they were ready to eat, we would make a big deal about getting into the fridge for what we needed. We talked prior to opening the door about what we were going to get and then we did several Grace and Courtesy lessons about how to open and close the door of the refrigerator. We would then get in and out as fast as possible. We did the same thing around lunch time and around dinner time. We don’t do snacks in between meals and our children don’t drink juice, only water and we have a small pitcher of water ever ready for them set up outside the fridge so they don’t need to get into the fridge when it is not mealtime. I hope this helps.

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