Montessori Educator Resources

“And so we discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.” – Maria Montessori

Helpful Links for Educators

  • Montessori in Your State – This amazing resource maintained by Montessori Public allows you to find training centers, jobs and public Montessori schools by state.

Montessori Classroom Resources

  • How to Start a New Class – This article goes through some aspects of what is need to start a new Casa classroom, focusing on the children’s emotional as well as physical needs. I specifically love the list of common mistakes at the end.

Lesson Resources

  • The History of Vegetables – This webpage features a beautiful colored map showing the country of origin of many vegetables. There is also a brief description of each vegetable below the map.
  • US Immigration History Map – This is a fascinating timeline of patterns of immigration over 200 years in US history.
  • The Mind of an Octopus – This Scientific American article details so many amazing characteristics of the octopus.
  • A Vast Ocean Inside the Earth – A reservoir of water three times the volume of the world’s oceans has been found towards Earth’s core. It could explain where the seas came from.
  • Math Archives – A comprehensive site offered by the Bellevue College’s Department of Mathematics sharing links on information such as biographies of Mathematicians, how to make a Mobius Strip and a website detailing an ambitious and as of yet unfinished project of scanning the sculptures and architecture of Michelangelo.
  • Mesopotamian Mathematics – This page explains the origins of mathematics in Mesopotamia from the earliest tokens, through the development of Sumerian mathematics to the grand flowering in the Old Babylonian period, and on into the later periods of Mesopotamian history.
  • Webpage Sites for Montessori Students – This website is made by a Montessori teacher which covers a lot of different topics to aid in the Cosmic Curriculum. It can be used by educators and students alike.
  • Montessori Album – A wiki site that was created to be a quick reference for guides and a resource for parents. Its name says it all, it is an online guide to the Montessori Albums for the Children’s House.

Material Resources