Montessori Parents

This page is meant for anyone who is raising children. You may have a child in a Montessori school, are choosing to homeschool or simply are looking for ways to be a better parent. I hope that you will find these resources helpful.

Parenting Articles

  • Parenting for Independence – Short article that has clear bulleted list of ways parents can encourage independence in children at home.
  • Raising Children the Montessori Way – This article is basically a list of 75 things to do that this author believes will help you to parent Montessori better.
  • How to be Helpful – These articles from the Australian Montessori Foundation offer parents some tips on how to help their children in different developmental stages.
  • 7 Key Phrases Montessori Teachers Use and Why We Should Use Them Too – A lovely article that gives some insight into the Montessori Method while also providing parents with some tips they can use at home.
  • Helping Children Develop Eyes that See – An interesting blog post that begins with the author’s personal experiences and then gives a list of 7 things that parents can do to help children construct themselves.
  • 5 Tips for Potty Training – This article shares a Montessori mother’s experience with potty training her 14 month old. She also gives some tips and shares her notes from the 5 days it took to complete the transition from diapers to toilet.
  • Ten Montessori Home Parenting Tips for Children Under 3 – This article is a top ten list essentially of the main Montessori principles and some useful things that all people know but can always use a reminder about. While they say it is for children under 3, as a trained Montessori guide from ages 3-12, I think it is relevant for all ages.
  • Owner’s Manual for a Child – A fantastic article by Donna Bryant Goertz that explains where children are coming from, written from the child’s perspective. It seriously gave me goosebumps the first time I read it.

Montessori Schools Near You

  • Montessori School Finder – Edussori offers a searchable database of Montessori schools in the US and Canada.
  • AMI USA Montessori School Finder – The Association Montessori International USA offers a list of AMI certified schools
  • AMS Montessori School Finder – The American Montessori Society provides a searchable database of all AMS certified schools worldwide. You can search by school name or by location.
  • Public Montessori School Finder – Montessori Public maintains an amazing database, searchable by state, that includes information on public Montessori Schools.