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This packet includes 2 documents: Student Self Evaluation and Teacher Evaluation, that can be used for parent teacher conferences, with or without the student present. They also provide a place to take notes during the conference.

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Within the Conference Form Packet you will find a Student Self Evaluation form and a Teacher Assessment form. Both forms are meant to be used for periodic progress assessment such as parent teacher conferences or for writing progress reports. These documents can be used in a number of ways, below I share with you how I used them.

I would typically introduce the Self Evaluation form to my Upper Elementary students in small groups about a week before parent teacher conferences, explaining the expectations such as writing responses as full sentences, taking time to think about their answers and going over the form to make sure they understand what each line is asking. The students then filled them in individually, on their own time and turned them in. I filled out the top section of the Teacher Evaluation form before looking at their responses, though I would have my assistant look them over to make sure they filled it out in its entirety. I used the bottom section to jot down things I wanted to share with parents during the conference and would often add things to that section during the conference, based off of the discussion with the parents (and student, if present). Before the conference, I would make copies of both forms so that I could give a set to the parents at our meeting. I then filed my set into their student file and would often use the forms as one of my resources when writing Progress Reports.

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