Multiples Paper

The Multiples Paper can be printed off and put on the shelf. The purpose of the Multiples Paper is for students to further investigate the concept of multiples. This material provides a way for students to visually see multiples.

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The Multiples Paper includes the sheet of numbers and directions for using it to find the multiples of one number and multiple numbers. Multiples are an important work in the Elementary classroom as they relate to both division and multiplication and help students in learning their multiplication facts. The Multiples Paper provides a way for students to visually see the patterns in the multiples of a particular number.

Having a solid understanding of multiples allows students to work confidently in Mathematics as the concepts get more complex as they can focus on the work and not struggle with their math facts. The Multiples Paper is part of a series of lessons concerning Multiples. The series is meant to introduce the nomenclature associated with multiples and to give students several ways to comprehend and integrate multiples into their self construction.

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