Outdoor Experience

The packet includes Notes to the Guide, a spreadsheet packet for internal use and all of the documents you will need to print off and hand out to families. With the Outdoor Experience Packet, keeping organized is simple and easy.

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The Outdoor Experience is a fantastic endeavor that allows students to connect with nature, collaborate with classmates, bond as a community and gain skills that will aid them in real life. With the Elementary student, having time outdoors to experience nature first hand is not something that can be replicated in the classroom. The Outdoor Experience is integrated into the Cosmic Education Curriculum giving the students time to explore nature.

In this packet, you will find many sheets and pages that will help you to organize your Outdoor Experience, whether this is your first time or your 20th. The packet includes three files: Notes to the Guide, Outdoor Experience Planning and Outdoor Experience Documents. The Notes to the Guide walks you through the entire process and explains how to best use the other two files.

In its entirety, the Outdoor Experience outlined in these pages is a student led initiative. As the guide, you will decide what amount of responsibility your students have in the planning of the Outdoor Experience. The Outdoor Experience can also be entirely organized by adults. Either way, the Outdoor Experience Packet will help you to prepare and keep everything organized.

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