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The Story of Tsunamis is an introductory story about tsunamis. It was created to spark children’s interest by giving just enough information to grab their curiosity and a plethora of ways to follow up on tsunamis.

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Tsunami is an introduction into the world of tsunamis. The story includes the etymology of the word, major causes, the science behind how they develop and the early warning system developed by people. The story is meant to provide enough information to spark students’ interests but leaves plenty of information for them to wonder about and research on their own.

The story of tsunamis can lead to follow up work across a number of areas. Students could create posters showing the different parts of a tsunami, they could create a top 10 list of largest tsunamis recorded, create a pie graph showing how tsunamis are created or they could do further research on any number of topics brought up in the story.

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